TRA - The Realness - Official Music Video

 Very very hot music video out of my home town. Big shout out to the whole S.A.R.S network.

Born and raised in Toronto, Dudley Hylton aka Tha Rhyme Animal "T.R.A." developed his passion for hip-hop in the early nineteen eighties, when his older brother Lemont introduced him to the culture. T.R.A. used to watch Lemont spin records in their parents basement for hours on end, making mixtapes and recording demos on a four track recorder. T.R.A. would be captivated by the music and began studying the four founding elements of lyricism, graffiti, dj'ing and break dancing.

T.R.A. has matured so much as an artist over the years and has now begun to focus on his solo career. As an lyricist, T.R.A. wants to deliver his message on a much greater scale and feels the need to showcase his personal message and view points to the world through his music. Being a crucial part of the group Empire has helped mould T.R.A. into the man he has become today and it has provided him with the experience and the know how he needs to become a successful artist. Completely focused and committed, T.R.A. wants to follow in the likes of Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube, M.O.P, Eminem and Method Man who are some of T.R.A.'s major musical influences. All of these artists started careers as part of a group and are now successful solo artists.
With the first song release "The Realness" Produced by Amir Da Terrorist and mixed by Canada's top Hip Hop engineer Michael 'Blaow' Plante, T.R.A Tha Rhyme Animal is starting the introduction to his collective of songs he has prepared for his new album "Writing My Wrongs" which is due for release this Summer. Look out for new songs and videos from T.R.A in the near future, get SARS 8 The New Strain coming Feb. 2011, join the email list @ and spread "The Realness" Song and video to radio, T.V, Press, Dj's and Friends. 
T.R.A is an artist under The SARS Network established in 2003 in the Toronto underground circuit and has sold over 100,000 CD's independently online and all across Canada.

The Realness Credits

Produced by: Amir Da Terrorist
Written by: T.R.A Tha Rhyme Animal
Mixed & Mastered by: World Rydah Studios
Video Directed By: Tha Tzar
Actor 1: Wannabe Rapper - Nick Ferreira

Actor 2: Record Executive - Adam (Adam Bomb) Ferreira


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